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Sugita Wire's products are used in our daily life. Particularly, our products are indispensable for the automobile industry to make key safety-related parts such as steering, suspension, transmission, engine and seat.

Cold heading steel wire

Cold heading steel wires are used to make screws, bolts, automobile steering assembling parts, transmission assembling parts.

Cold heading carbon steel wire
Rimmed Steel/Aluminum killed steel/Silicon Kill Steel
Cold heading boron steel wire
Cold heading alloy steel wire
Chromium steel Wire/Nickel Chromium molybdenum steel wire/Chromium molybdenum steel wire
LH steel wire
Pure iron wire
Precision fine wire
Free cutting steel wire
Bearing steel wire
Tempered steel wire

Spring steel wire

Spring steel wires are used in automobiles for suspension, automatic transmission, metal mold and seat.

Hard drawn steel wire
piano wire/spring steel wire/hard drawn steel wire
Oil tempered wire
Oil Tempered Silicon Manganese steel wire/Oil Tempered Chromium Silicon Alloy Steel wire/Oil Tempered Chromium vanadium steel wire/High tensile oil tempered wire/Carbon steel oil tempered wire
Oil tempered steel wire for valve spring
Oil tempered chromium silicon alloy steel wire for valve spring/Oil tempered chromium vanadium steel wire for valve spring
Shaped oil tempered wire
flat wire

Images of product samples using Sugita's wires

Images of product samples in a car using Sugita's wires

Other wire products

Special purpose steel wire (steel wire for steel wool) : Steel wire as material to make steel wool

Steel fiber : Used as material to make brake pad in automobile.
an environment-friendly alternative material for asbestos

Other products obtained out of environment-conscious production activitie

Inorganic polymer flocculants ('Poritetsu') : Water treatment chemical made out of waste sulfuric steel
Sugita Wire has been studying recycling of waste sulfuric produced during manufacturing steel wires. We succeeded to commercialize the material into inorganic polymer flocculants.

In 2015, Sugita Wire developed and released water purification material, based on its over 40-year study on production technology for inorganic polymer flocculant.