Making Products: Sugita's StyleSYSTEM

Sugita Wire's Strength

  • Holds original engineering expertise based on its corporate history over a century.
  • Produces cold heading steel wire and steel wire for spring.
  • Can deliver products of small order volumes.
  • Produces more than 6,000 items of wide range of steel types and wire sizes.
  • Can accommodate short delivery deadline flexibly.
  • Inherits good old producing methods while adopting new production styles aggressively.


Productive Order-Process Control System.
Sugita Wire has built and installed a unique production system, named Productive Order-Process Control System, which firmly supports Sugita's overall manufacturing structure.
Called 'POCS' internally, this system covers from order entry to product shipping to our customers. Because of the integrated flow of information and work load from the beginning to the end, POCS is an indispensable 'tool' in designing production plans and evaluating possible overloads in production process.

Image on How POCS works

Processing Procedures

Processing procedures count more than 60 types, and they are only major items. Sugita Wire select high-quality materials, to manufacture wire products which meet customers' needs. To accomplish such high business target and produce best products, Sugita Wire has created original manufacturing process design, processing technologies, and strict quality management.


Processing Procedure of cold heading steel wire.

  1. Pickling: Dissolve/peel 'scale' (oxide layers formed over the surface of wires) in scientific method.
  2. Annealing: Heating and cooling down of metals so that the processed material will acquire strength, solidity, and toughness which are appropriate for the intended usage of the material. By annealing, steel wire becomes softer and easier to process.
  3. Drawing: Pull out softened steel wire through die to form into required diameter and shape, and roll.
    ※ In some specifications, this process may be repeated.

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