We would like to introduce the outline of Sugita Wire, Ltd. and our business.
Sugita Wire has taken its leading position in Japan's wire drawing business with its excellent technologies which are supported by the century-long corporate history and expertise.

Company Profile

Sugita Wire is a comprehensive wire drawing company, particularly holding firm business base in cold heading steel wire and spring steel wire.
We produce a wide array of wire products, from ultrafine .4mm to over 50mm, and annual overall production volume exceeds 100,000 tons to meet with any requests of our customers.

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Founded in 1915, Sugita Wire's corporate history overlaps with Japan's wire drawing business.

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Corporate Organization Chart

Let us explain about Sugita Wire's corporate structure.

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Affiliated Company

Since 1950s, Sugita Wire has been supplying high quality steel wire across the world, North/South America, Europe and Asia.

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Factory Introduction

We would like to explain about our head office, Tokyo plant and Ichikawa plant.

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Quality Policy

Environment Policy