Environment Policy

Environment Policy

  1. In applying environment management system, Sugita Wire sets quantitative environment targets as much as possible, review on a regular basis in light of changing conditions and information, make continuous improvement of the system, so that we can hold environmental burdens and protect enviroments.
  2. To coexist with local society and to become a resource recycling company and produce good steel wire, Sugita Wire will understand impacts of corporate activities to the environment and contribute to environment, as much as possible in technical and economical terms, through the following three areas:
    • effective use of resources and energy - hold down emmmissions of wastes, appropriate treatment, and reycle as resource
    • hold down emmmissions of wastes, appropriate treatment, and reycle as resource
    • take measures not to cause pollution
  3. Will observe environment-related laws, regulations, agreements and other required items, and strive to avoid environmental contamination.
  4. Monitor corporate activities through internal enviromental audit, and make efforts to maintain/improve environment management system.
  5. This policy will be shared by all Sugita Wire employes and be publicized externally as well.

Environment Management System

Sugita Wire has taken priorities on 'policy to think about environment' in all aspects of its business.

Sugita Wire's high quality steel wire products produce less cutting scraps and heating energy, thus playing key roles in processing procedures of our customers.

Since 1970, Sugita Wire has been studying recycling of waste sulfuric produced during manufacturing steel wires, in order to save resources. We succeeded to commercialize the material into inorganic polymer flocculants ('Poritetsu'), and has been supplying to the market over 40 years.

So it is not an exaggeration to say that all products of Sugita Wire are 'environment-friendly'.

Since early 2001, Sugita Wire started preparations to acquire ISO14001, and obtained certifications in January 2002. Sugita Wire further strengthened environment-conscious activities after the ISO14001 certification, thinking on a global basis.